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Health Care


Teaching/Healthcare facilities provide indispensable training in addition to imperative lifesaving services, 8760 hours of the year.   Student and patient services cannot be compromised by unreliable infrastructure systems or unstable energy markets.

If you have ever thought about any of the following: . .

v      How to increase staff, student and patient comfort and productivity?

v      How to make the best use of resources without interrupting current working environments? 

v      How to comply with the latest Industry Standards?

v      How to pay for upgrades?

v      How to evaluate current/past consumption and anticipate the upcoming one, five and ten year projections?

. . . Then a total energy solution from Innovative Energy Solutions is the answer!

From lighting to HVAC to reliable on-site energy plants, Innovative Energy Solutions provides comprehensive analysis and thorough follow-through to commissioning and beyond.  Through creative financing (e.g., low interest loans and government grants) these investments can be paid for without capital and without affecting bonding-ability.

Now faced with aging and outdated buildings, potential brownouts, hidden safety hazards, dwindling operations budgets and deferred maintenance, healthcare facilities administrators are forced to make difficult choices on how to balance their restricted budgets for maintenance, capital improvements and supply reliability.  Often, energy efficiency and infrastructure upgrades are overlooked or viewed as a necessary, escalating cost. Actually, these systems should be evaluated as a source of funding.

IES designs energy solutions in partnership with your needs and consistent with your strategic business objectives.

Our extensive experience in design, implementation, and monitoring energy savings for all types of facilities enables us to deliver customized, engineered solutions that exceed expectations, reduce operating cost, and improve comfort & reliability.

We assist in reducing ever-increasing energy costs by bringing together the engineering expertise to design solutions that address specific energy problems; the financial expertise to ensure that the project is self-funding; and the appropriate maintenance training to ensure that the project operates as originally designed.

IES works collaboratively to develop the most innovative and appropriate: energy conservation measures (ECM's), financing options, and implementation strategies. 

Capital investment in facility or infrastructure improvements is self-funding and can be achieved within your current operating budget.  We guarantee our performance and your savings.

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