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Save thousands of dollars per year and improve the comfort and quality of your building by installing energy efficient lighting systems.  Innovative Energy Solutions makes it easy!

Being responsible for the operations and profitability of your facility, means always looking for better ways to improve efficiency without compromising comfort or quality.  Moreover, it is no secret that lighting makes up a sizable portion of your electric bill - as much as 60% in some facilities.  Today's lighting products are much more efficient than products introduced just a few years ago.  As a result, you could be spending considerably more of your limited resources on maintaining an existing lighting system than what it would cost to either install a more modern, energy-efficient lighting system or retrofit the existing one.


The savings from lighting retrofits often pay for themselves in only two to three years. In fact, retrofits can reduce lighting costs by 35% or more, while improving light output and quality. In addition, improved lighting has a positive impact on both the working conditions and employee productivity and absenteeism.  Moreover, these savings can be used to help finance other deferred maintenance needs that could further reduce energy use.


Innovative Energy Solutions listens to your requirements and provides a turnkey lighting system solution that meets your specific needs. Innovative Energy Solutions’ Lighting Services Group has the technical and operational capability to audit, design, install, and maintain a variety of lighting applications from large concentrated facilities, including industrial plants, to smaller, decentralized facilities, such as convenience stores.  

Finance your Costs with your Savings.  Lighting system improvements typically offer a fast payback. Often, new equipment or deferred maintenance needs can be finance by energy savings.

Innovative Energy Solutions can also offer financing options, which allow you to preserve your capital budget. Many of our projects have been implemented wherein Innovative Energy Solutions arranged for or provided 100% financing of the project with their verified energy savings over a short period of time. Innovative Energy Solutions maintains an ongoing relationship with you to insure that savings are achieved and maintained.

The Innovative Energy Solution

Innovative Energy Solutions assesses the requirements, analyzes each individual site and dramatically improves the energy-efficiency and lighting quality.

Innovative Energy Solutions’ commercial projects include; Offices, Retail outlets, Grocery stores, Warehouses, Hotels and Food chains.

Because lighting systems are as unique as the buildings they illuminate, Innovative Energy Solutions will measure light levels, assess light quality, and determine your lighting efficiency, in order to accurately identify your potential energy savings. Innovative Energy Solutions has the engineering talent to tailor recommendations for unique lighting requirements, and we will not sacrifice illumination quality for energy savings.

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