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Innovative Energy Solutions  offers financial solutions to infrastructure problems by finding the means to finance capital expenditures using operating dollars.  IES provides engineering design and construction management thus taking our clients from concept to commissioning.

Many times there are other needs, such as new technologies, which can enhance productivity and reliability while reducing cost.  These things can be financed by energy reducing upgrades.  By reducing utility costs through mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades, the money that was going to the utility companies now services the short term debt on long term capital improvements.


  • Finds ways to recoup both intended and unintended expenditures and turn them into working capital that can be used to offset the cost of the deferred maintenance and facility upgrades as well as pay for new endeavors such as computers and other educational needs.

  • Provides “turnkey” integrated solutions that direct dollars intended for operations and maintenance toward capital expenditures such as safety and environmental issues

  • Is Vender Neutral, which allows us to select the best product for each customer based on appropriate technology, first cost, operating and maintenance cost, availability of parts and service.  This is known as ‘Life Cycle Cost’ analysis

  • Provides each application with unique, engineering based solutions

  • Mitigates the risks associated with energy cost, availability, and reliability while providing opportunities for increased efficiency, improved reliability, and cost management

  • Provides comprehensive energy-saving solutions.  .  .  from simple retrofits and upgrades to system modifications, replacements, and new construction. 

  • Endeavors to optimize energy efficiency, enhance building operation & environment, improve system reliability & performance, and simplify maintenance.

  • Always:

  • Meets or exceeds code compliance

  • Includes extensive training

  • Performs measurement & verification of cost-saving measures

  • Will not only look at ways of reducing energy, but also at means of:

     Increasing product output & quality

     Reducing or reprocessing waste

     Addressing environmental concerns such as: VOC’s,   NOx, SOx, & water treatment.

  • Offers a wide range of Innovative project financing, including the following:

Lease and Purchase Agreements – where we arrange a capital (on-balance-sheet) or operating (off-balance-sheet) lease for your project that meets your business requirements and financial concerns.  You agree to pay a pre-determined lease payment for the term of the contract.

Energy Saving Performance Contract - where we implement a comprehensive project that pays for itself over a portion of its life, and guarantee the performance of the Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and the energy savings, with no up-front capital investment by our client.



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