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Comprehensive Technical Energy Analysis


A Technical Energy Analysis is an in-depth analysis of a clientís current energy usage and all major energy-consuming systems. The TEA report includes recommended energy conservation measures, operational and maintenance changes, detailed cost saving calculations and payback analyses.

The Comprehensive TEA will include: analyses of the building envelope, heating systems, mechanical cooling systems, domestic hot water (DHW) systems, lighting, plug loads, and energy management system (EMS).

The intent of a TEA report is to:

1. Provide the client with sufficient, detailed information to make an informed decision as to which O&Ms and ECMs to finance for installation in their building(s). In the process, identify all feasible O&Ms and ECMs for the participantís facility, depending on the individual requirements for the Comprehensive TEA The energy savings and cost information contained in the TEA report should be sufficient for the participant to confirm the economic merit of the proposed ECMs.

2. Identify all feasible no/low-cost energy saving O&Ms. Sufficient information should be provided for the clientís operational staff to implement these O&Ms.

3. Provide calculated baseline data against which future energy use can be compared.

A clear and thorough description of each feasible O&M and ECM recommended for financing must be presented in the report. Each description must include sufficient information to allow engineering personnel other than the TEA analyst to assist in preparation of specifications for bid documents.

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