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Power Factor Correction



Join industries that save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and improve reliability and efficiency when they eliminate the power factor penalty on their electric bills.

Innovative Energy Solutions makes it easy.  Many businesses, seeking ways to control process costs and stay competitive, have discovered Power Factor Correction and Innovative Energy Solutions expertise to take a big bite out of their energy costs.  Our energy experts analyze your facilities' equipment and bills, install corrective equipment, and offer self-funding financing.

The money you save will pay for the costs, and you continue to save, well into the future.

Power Factor Penalties

Motors, transformers, lighting ballasts and other inductive devices can increase the power requirements of your facility because they require a certain amount of reactive power.

 Equipment that affects power factor:

Welders, Pumps, Electric Motors, Fans, HVAC,

Compressors, Conveyors, Ballasts, & Transformers

When your electric utility must deliver too much reactive power, your facility has a low power factor.  Below a certain level, utilities may charge a monthly penalty on your electric bill. Don't be fooled if you do not see the penalty itemized on your bill. It might be imbedded in your adjusted demand charge.

 Power Factor Correction

      Lowers costs from reduced demand charges

      Provides greater reliability with freed up capacity in transformers and conductors

      Maximizes efficiency of Voltage sensitive equipment

      Improves overall efficiency because of reduced power losses

The Innovative Energy Solution 

We will identify your costs and your savings with power factor correction equipment.  All we need is a two-year billing history.  We're fluent in electric rate structures throughout the United States, so our analysis offers the maximum benefits of power factor correction as well as rate analysis.  Most industries find their investment will pay for itself quickly with savings continuing indefinitely.

Turnkey Installation and Correction Guaranteed

There is no risk when you work with Innovative Energy Solutions.  We quote a price for complete turnkey installation of capacitors and guarantee a power factor level. If the power factor does not meet our guarantee, we install additional equipment at NO CHARGE to you.

Finance your Costs with your Savings

With our self-funding financing program, you can finance your equipment purchase with your savings.  We offer this easy option because we know capital budgets often dont include power factor correction equipment even though savings can pay for it in as little as one year.


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