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Water Conservation


Water conservation is one key

Are you letting your savings run down the drain?  You could be!

Water conservation is one key to unlocking the savings potential in your building.

Water is an ever-increasing component of your building's operating costs.  In many areas of the country, water costs more than natural gas or electricity.  Water and sewer rates have continued to escalate--by as much as 20 to 50 percent over the last few years.

Studies show that a typical dwelling unit uses 150 gallons of water per day and that water conservation measures can reduce consumption up to 50 percent.  These conservation measures can easily translate into bottom line savings of 20 percent or more.

Water conservation is often an overlooked area of cutting utility costs.  Large facilities such as multi-unit apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, hotels/motels, multi-tenant office complexes, industrial facilities, and assisted care facilities have numerous types of water outlets, causing high water usage.  Water conservation and modernization can not only save owners and property managers energy, but also reduce operating costs and maintain occupant satisfaction.

The IES Advantage

By collaborating with Innovative Energy Solutions, you will have a team of skilled experts with more than 20 years in the water conservation industry.  Our team will collaborate with you to identify water conservation opportunities within your facility that will increase your utility savings.

As an IES customer, you can substantially lower your water and sewage costs, without a loss of functionality or the mess of construction.  Water conservation measures easily reduce maintenance costs and time, while increasing resident satisfaction and property values.

The IES Approach

IES will conduct a comprehensive audit of your facility.  By measuring flow rates and studying all available data, IES will recommend and install proposed water conservation measures that will deliver savings to your bottom line.  Working with the existing building mechanics, IES will upgrade and retrofit the current plumbing fixtures and eliminate the high cost of replacing inefficient equipment.

The Payback

Time, aging buildings, and Federal mandates have a direct impact on increasing utility bills.  IES listens to your specific needs and requirements and provides a cost-effective, turnkey solution to reduce your water costs and make needed improvements.  Water conservation projects often pay for themselves in only one to three years.

Beyond Bathrooms

IES not only has the knowledge and experience to identify water management opportunities in your facility's bathrooms, but can also explore potential utility savings in non-domestic areas such as chillers, steam sterilizers, and vacuum pumps.

The IES Difference

Since 2001, IES has been helping customers benefit from the installation of energy-saving technologies.  IES has a long list of satisfied customers and continues to set the standard for customer service.

With IES as your partner, you can tackle multiple energy-efficiency projects throughout your facility.  IES s programs offer a streamlined approach to making facility improvements happen.  Our team will continue to collaborate with you, ensuring that completed projects provide optimal long-term energy savings and operational performance.

Innovative Energy Solutions is an energy performance company providing custom solutions to businesses and institutions seeking better control of facility costs and environments.


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