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Education & Training


Maintenance Training

Following is an outline of the available training that is included as part of every project commissioned by Innovative Energy Solutions

1) Electrical
    a) Basic electricity
    b) Wiring diagrams
        i) Schematics
        ii) Ladder Diagrams
    c) Controls
    d) Motors & Drives
        i) VFDs
        ii) Belts & Sheaves
        iii) Chains & Sprockets
        iv) Shafts and Gear Boxes
    e) Troubleshooting
2) Fans And Pumps
    a) Pumping and piping Systems
    b) Water and other fluids
    c) Applications
        i) Open & Closed Systems
        ii) Types of pumps
        iii) Ventilation
    d) Affinity Laws
    e) Troubleshooting
3) Steam
    a) Basic Steam principles & Properties
    b) Steam Systems and Applications
    c) Condensate Systems
    d) Steam Traps
        i) Testing and repair
        ii) Applications
            (1) Selecting
            (2) Installation
    e) Troubleshooting
4) Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
    a) Basic Principles
    b) Ideal gas Laws
    c) Applications
        i) Vapor Compression Cycle
        ii) Absorption
    d) Troubleshooting
    e) Proper Refrigerant Practices
        i) Training & Certification
    f) Desiccants
        i) Principles & Psychometrics
            (1) Applications
5) Tribology (study of friction and friction modifiers)
    a) Lubricants
        i) Types and uses
        ii) Proper application
6) Predictive vs. Preventative maintenance
    a) Root Cause Failure analysis
    b) Machinery condition monitoring
        i) Vibration analysis
        ii) Thermo-graphic imaging and analysis
        iii) Lubrication analysis
            (1) Wear metals and what they mean
7) Fume Hoods
    a) Basic principles
    b) Applications
    c) Testing and certification
    d) Troubleshooting
8) Blue Print Reading
    a) Symbols & Schematics
    b) Buildings and Systems
        i) Electrical
        ii) Piping
        iii) Controls
        iv) Sheet Metal
        v) A/C&R
9) Water Treatment
    a) Basic water chemistry
    b) Boilers & Chillers (Closed Systems)
    c) Cooling towers (Open Systems)
10) Diesel & Gas Engines
    a) Operation & Maintenance
    b) Repair and Troubleshooting
11) Heat Transfer
    a) Heat exchangers & Applications
    b) Maintenance and repair


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