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Capital Planning


When do you Repair vs. Replace?

Do you know the condition of your equipment?

Have you budgeted for the inevitability of failure?

In any systemís life-cycle, there comes a point where you need to decide whether itís fiscally and practically feasible to continue maintaining and repairing an aging, degrading piece of equipment. Itís important to do a life-cycle cost analysis when determining if you should repair or replace an aging HVAC system component

Ideally, the ratio of spending for HVAC systems should be 70-percent preventive maintenance and 30-percent corrective maintenance; these numbers are benchmarks that professionals use in charting the effectiveness of client maintenance programs.

Innovative Energy Solutions will perform a comprehensive analysis of your facilities to help you produce a realistic plan for infrastructure capital spending.  Typically, we can find ways to finance some or all of the differed maintenance and replacement of obsolete equipment with energy savings.


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